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psychicstudents's Journal

Psychic Students: Students of Psychic Development
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focuses on learning psychic development and enables us to practice with others
Welcome! The purpose of this community is to learn psychic development. This community is ideal for the beginner or intermediate student. It will feature information about different apsects of psychic development. It will lend emotional support. It will also give the students an opportunity to practice with each other and learn together through trial and error about how to better tune into your intuition.

There are a few RULES:

-Please keep the subject matter of your posts ON TOPIC

-BE RESPECTFUL. There is never any reason to be verbally abusive to another user. This includes but is not limited to insults, cursing, and belittling. Anyone that engages in disruptive or destructive language will be removed from the community.

-This community is for psychic development. No, trolling or personal advertizing. No harassing members or trying to gain clients for your own psychic business. If you want to do that, please get to know people on your own time and discuss it OUTSIDE OF THE COMMUNITY. This community cannot be responsible for phony "psychic readers" that are seeking to prey on others. Please use common sense and protect yourself. Not everyone that says they're psychic actually is. And not every legitimate psychic works from the light. There are people with psychic abilities that are negative and exploitive people.

-This community seeks to be a POSITIVE and SAFE learning environment. If you're working on exercises with another student, please be honest about their hits and misses but focus on what they got right and use ENCOURAGING words and feedback. No one is right all of the time. Not even the professionals. Please keep your ego out of it. If you are more advanced than another student, refrain from showing off or displaying authority. Comparisons are not helpful here and are unwelcome.

-You may post exercises from books, post videos, or even provide links to psychic sites and blogs but please always credit the author.

-I may redefine and update the rules as needed. If that happens, I will tell you about it. But basically it comes down to respect, courtesy, and common sense. Now that the rules are out of the way, please enjoy.

You may chose to introduce yourself to the community with the following form. This will enable people to get to know you and will allow you to help each other with your goals.

Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced???:
My prominent psychic gift is: (e.g clairvoyance, empathy, psychometry etc)
My psychic interests are:
My divination tools include:
My psychic goal is:
My psychic experiences include:
What I'd like to get out of this community:

An easy way to practice is to simply post a person's FULL NAME. See "The Rose" Beginner's Exercise for a simple psychic exercise for those that are new to psychic development: http://psychicstudents.livejournal.com/1783.html Please do not provide any other information about this person especially social security numbers or pictures that may conclusively identify them and create privacy issues. You may want to put these type of name exercises as member's only post to guard this person's privacy. We want to be respectful. Please only use names of people that you know well enough to validate whether or not the student's psychic impressions are right. After you post a name, please provide the other students with feedback through the comments. Keep in mind that no one is right all of the time, even professionals. Please be honest about hits and misses but focus on the POSITIVE. This is what helps us learn and grow.

Mediumship An easy way to practice mediumship is to do the name exercise only with someone that has passed on to the next existence. Please specify whether the name of the person you have given is the name of someone currently incarnated or discarnated from the physical earth. *DISCLAIMER* Please do not attempt to channel if you don't know what you are doing. Here is a helpful post on channeling and psychic protection so that you can dive right into the exercises SAFELY.

And now that all of that is out of the way, PLEASE ENJOY!!! Have fun and evolve!