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Psychic Students: Students of Psychic Development


I am interested in this group because I find psychic development fascinating and would like to know more.

My name is Audrey

I am definitely a Beginner.

I haven't any prominent psychic gift.

My psychic interests are: Runes, tarot, oracles

My divination tools: Mainly runes

My psychic goal is: To be able to develop spiritually and I hope to be of assistance in the future if and where possible

My psychic experiences include: I don't have any. I think I only am a good guesser where it comes to how people are feeling.

What I'd like to get out of this community: To observe, learn and hopefully serve where I am able to.

Hello! Seeing as I am interested in all things occult, though I have zero experience with it, I thought I'd join this community.

Name: My name is Ana :)

Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced???: Definitely a beginner.

My prominent psychic gift is: I'm not sure I have one. I probably don't. My mom has one, and so I always grew up being interested in it, but I'm not sure I've ever had any sort of experience with it. In any case, I'd say 'curiosity' should be enough just for the study of the occult.

My psychic interests are: Too many. Well, I started with Tarot (I own the Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot deck), but once I'm finished with taking notes and ready to pass to the practical stage of it, I want to start studying Chaos Magick and, later, Goetia.

My divination tools include: Tarot.

My psychic goal is: To develop any possible existing potential in me.

My psychic experiences include: I don't think I've ever had any, like I said. About a year ago I felt a hand touch my shoulder during dinner, but I don't think that counts lol Also, a few years ago, when I was still a little child (probably 10 years old or something) I saw someone sitting at my desk, but maybe I dreamed it - my memory's not very good anymore.

What I'd like to get out of this community: I just want to learn, really. If I can actually do something with that knowledge, good. But if I can't, learning is enough.

Intro / Hello (Repost)
Yeah talk about first impressions I totally managed to post this in the wrong place... So yeah I am doing well so far for a newbie *facepalm* However moving on very quickly... I think the PTB (Powers that Be) have been working in inspirational ways again. I saw the community being advertised on another comm and didn't think twice about signing up. Anyway really sorry for the answers, I find these kinds of things tough to answer as I am a real mix. Anyway here they are... :-S

Name: digital_jay normally I drop the formality once I get to know folks better.

Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced???:

I usually say I am always learning, just depends on what. I guess I am a mix of all three most of the time. Sorry its not meant to be vague it's just I know within myself I am constantly in a state of flux.

My prominent psychic gift is: Actually it's a unique combo of all the psychic senses that seems to have occurred naturally through development and awareness groups. Plus having worked with it as a living as well has developed it also.

My psychic interests are: Wide and varied. Currently my interests are in the History of Divination. I have explored and researched Tarot, Runes, Ogham, Palmistry and going to looking at some other aspects like Tea Leaf reading, Crystal Balls (known also as Scrying) as well. I intend to look into Spiritual Healing and discussions on Reiki as well.

My divination tools include: Tarot, Palmistry, Runes, Ogham, Crystal Ball, Psychometry, Clairvoyance, Audience, Sentience, as well as Knowing also.

My psychic goal is: Continued progression, understanding and communication as well as to help others with greatest and highest for all.

My psychic experiences include: I think the annotated highlights are best, as I have a wealth of experiences behind me, as I said before I have been at this a while.

I have worked as a platform medium, dealt with crossings and rescues, also worked with others on a one to one and group situation. I am more than certain that at some point the other things will come back to me.

What I'd like to get out of this community:

Simple the meeting of like minds and sharing of experience in a safe and open setting.


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