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so_sonja wrote in psychicstudents

Hello, my name is Sonja and I am Clairvoyant, Clairscient, and Clairsentience.  I am also an empath and an empath healer.  I have always known that I was different from my sisters.  I developed my gift after my car accident in 1993.  I rolled my car three times and should not have walked away from it.  My entire car was crushed except for where I was sitting.  I know I have a higher purpose in life.  To use my gift to help others.  I do psychic meditation readings where I get information from my Spirit Guides and I also do Tarot card readings.   I enjoy being able to help people and answer their questions.  I am glad that I found this community and find like minded people to talk to.  My parents work in a Baptist church and I have not been able to share with them that I have this gift.  Unfortunately they would think that I communicate with the devil and not think of it as a gift.  The only person that knows of my gift is my husband and a few close friends.   The first time I saw a spirit (ghost) was when I was 5.  I was sick with a very high fever.  She was sitting on the edge of my bed whispering to me.  When I scream she disappeared.  I think back and know she meant me no harm.  She was taking care of me.  I am very interested in hearing how spirit has affected other people.  I look forward to meeting new people on here.

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Do you have any suggestions for a psychic meditation reading that works well for you? Any tips for someone just starting to hone her skills?

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