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Hello, Everyone
kitslune wrote in psychicstudents
Name: Katie
Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced???: Beginner
My prominent psychic gift is: I have no idea at all.
My psychic interests are: Dreams, tarot, runes, pyromancy, dowsing.
My divination tools include: Tarot cards, runes, meditation.
My psychic goal is: To try to answer some questions about the experiences I've had.
My psychic experiences include: I broke up with the love of my life and lost total communication for two years. We never contacted each other once, and I thought I would never see him again. (He was in another part of the world.) I had moved on and was dating another guy when out of the blue (it was mid-October) I told my best friend that my ex was going to contact me. Two months later in mid-December, he did. He told me he had been trying to contact me since October. He some difficulty because I had changed my number since dating him and my old email address had been purged. (This man is now my husband, by the way! ^_^) I had never had an experience like that before and it shook me, my husband, and my friend.
The only other odd phenomena I've experienced has been in my dreams. I've had a reoccurring dream about tornadoes since I was in elementary school. I have it at least once or twice every year at random times. I also shared a dream with my husband. We both dreamt that someone was standing in the door-frame to our bedroom. I dreamt it was an alien, he dreamt it was someone he worked with, but all the other elements of the dream were the same, including the time we dreamt it (we had both got a look at the clock).
What I'd like to get out of this community: Connecting with other people who are open-minded and interested in learning together.

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Welcome to the group and ^_^ hello :)

Thank you very much! :)

:-) What kinds of things have you done and experienced?

I apologize for not responding sooner. I don't log onto LJ as much as I'd like.

The most profound experience I've ever had was the one I mentioned above about knowing that my husband was going to contact me again. I would have to say that I have a really strong mental bond with my husband that I'd like to know more about. When he was living in Korea, we would text each other the same thought at the same time out of the blue and we've experienced shared dreams.

Dreams are another thing I'd like to find out more about because I have had some of my dreams come true, but mainly I'm bothered my reoccurring dream about tornadoes. I actually had it Monday night. It's always a little different. Generally, it'll be at my maternal grandparents' house or my parents' house, but the version that I had on Monday took place at my paternal grandparents' house (which is new). But yeah, I've had that dream so many times that I've even asked my mom if it's happened before because it seems like a memory, but as far as I know, it hasn't.

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