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Psychic Students: Students of Psychic Development


I am interested in this group because I find psychic development fascinating and would like to know more.

My name is Audrey

I am definitely a Beginner.

I haven't any prominent psychic gift.

My psychic interests are: Runes, tarot, oracles

My divination tools: Mainly runes

My psychic goal is: To be able to develop spiritually and I hope to be of assistance in the future if and where possible

My psychic experiences include: I don't have any. I think I only am a good guesser where it comes to how people are feeling.

What I'd like to get out of this community: To observe, learn and hopefully serve where I am able to.

When Premonitions Become Nightmares
I had the worst day. I woke up at 4am from a premonition that has me reeling. I had one other premonition about this about 2 months ago as well. Basically it was a vision of my ex boyfriend and still current VERY close friend, dying of a drug overdose. After the first one, I was so shocked that I hardly believed it and went into denial mode. I told him what I saw, wondering if that might change anything. He is a drug addict, so I didn't count on it, but I tried. But then last night, another premonition. And I couldn't go back to sleep. My whole body was shaking and a river of tears just kept coming. I went to my volunteer job, with swollen puffy eyes and with precious little sleep, I was fucking up all day long. Not a good look. Sometimes I just don't know how to BE psychic (or whatever low level word you want to use for my level of intuition). I get so emotionally disrupted from the things I see.

I've tried to talk to select few people about it because I really feel I need emotional support but you know how that goes. But today, utterly beside myself, I wouldn't accept my mom's dismissive comments. I said, "I know you think I'm being crazy but I really do see things mom. Sometimes years ahead of time and I don't know how to handle it."

I think, finally since, she realized how desperate I was, she let her guard down. She said, "I don't try to be dismissive. But I act dismissive about it because thats how I deal with my own premonitions. Like, you, I've been foreseeing events since I was 14 years old. You have to give it to God, to take the burden of worry off of you."

FINALLY, a real answer! And yes, my mom DOES have ability. I've been aware of that for years. Sometimes we've even had almost identical premonitions about the same people on the same night. But... my mom likes to act like she doesn't. Like its all just a big coincidence. That thats just God's way of communicating a concept to her. But fuck that! You're psychic mom. Just accept it. But she never will. I think because it scares her. But at least, even if today is the only day that she was ever real with me, I feel a little bit consoled. I needed a mother's guidance today or maybe just a friend that understands that even though this ability is a gift, it can be a HEAVY burden to bear.

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Do you ever have premonitions that scare you?


Do you believe psychic ability runs in families?


What do you do to ease the anxiety and fear surrounding premonitions?

Is being psychic a....

mixed blessing
a lifetime sentence of lonliness

Grounding Exercise: "Basic Psychic Development" Book
Hi everyone! Hope you've enjoyed some of the first posts for the community. Special thanks to hexeengel for being the first community member to take the time to share their knowledge and passion with the rest of us (and putting up with my million philosophical questions lol) I really appreciate it because a lot of thought and energy went into that post and I know that it was probably a bit time consuming.

K, so I thought I'd continue the discussion on chakras. Much of what I write in this post will be paraphrased or taken directly from a book that I highly recommend entitled "Basic Psychic Development" by John Friedlander & Gloria Hemsher. I really believe that my guides led me to this book. I had asked them to please lead me to some knowledge about psychic cords and how I can get help with them and this was probably the perfect book (for me) that I could find in the bookstore that day especially because many books don't even get into psychic cords. According to many clairvoyants, psychic cords often extend from one person's chakra to another person's chakra and may be created purposely or subconsciously (more often subconsciously). Supposedly, we all have them especially in parental child relationships. But often they develop between friends and especially lovers. The sexual act alone, according to this book can create a psychic cord between many people. Unfortunately, the existence of psychic cords can often be harmful. In this book, for example, it discusses that psychic cords are often the result of one person trying to control another person in some way. I had recently been told that I had one by a psychic and when she described the person that it was supposedly with, I almost cried because it seemed highly plausible that this could be true and I did feel that it was hindering my life and my psychic development.

But first things first, this AWESOME book, has soooo many exercises in it. One thing builds upon the next so before we can get into psychic cords and other ways we can work with chakras to improve our physical health, emotional health and psychic awareness, I'd like to post some more about very basic things such as grounding and balancing your chakras. Afterall, how can anyone do advanced work without first mastering this simple, but effective exercise the purpose of which, according to the authors is:

"Grounding balances and centers your body and allows you to feel safer, clearer and supported. Being grounded enhances your ability to see, feel, and hear more deeply.... You ground yourself by creating a powerful energetic connection between your body and Earth called a grounding cord....[Creating your grounding cord] provides a safe and powerful mechanism through which you can release excess and outdated energy from your aura. "

1.Sit Egyptian style (in a chair, back straight, feet flat on floor, arms and legs uncrossed, and hands resting palmss down on your side).

2.Breathe gently and deeply into your belly.

3.Close your eyes and imagine a ball of spinning green light, from 3 to 6 inches in diameter, in your first or Root chakra (for chakra names and locations, please see my into to chakras post.) Then allow it to spin a little faster still.

4. Let the ball drop effortlessly all the way down to the Earth's center and create a grounding cord for you.

5. Allow the ball to expand and merge with the Earth's core.

6.Feel yourself more secure, more at ease, more playful and aligned with the Earth's frequency.

7.Let your grounding cord expand to 6 to 10 inches in diameter, or to whatever size feels comfortable to you.
8. Let fresh green Earth energy flow up into your foot chakras, through your legs, then up the front of your body into your third/Solar Plexus chakra.

9.See, feel, hear or imagine Earth's nurturing energy in your third/Solar Plexus Chakra for a moment, then allow it to flow out into every cell of your body, mind, and aura.

10.Check your grounding cord to see that it is securely connected to your first/Root Chakra, and unbroken and unobstructed all the way down to the Earth's center. Make adjustments if necessary.

11. bring as much fresh Earth energy into your body and aura as you wish.

12.Give your body permission to release any excess or unwanted energy through your grounding cord.

13. Remind yourself of that, henceforth, your grounding cord will continue to operate, setting your body at your Earth's frequency, bringing fresh Earth energy into your body as needed, and releasing unwanted or excess energy as well.

14.When finished, stand up and stretch.

As an ammendment to my prior posts, I want to make it clear that what I've written are my OPINIONS. I believe that they're educated opinions because I have read extensively and practiced everything that I've spoken about so far, but they are nevertheless OPINIONS. It is not the intention of this community (ANYONE in this community) to present their experiences and opinions as concrete facts. Psychic phenomena cannot be proven and neither can the methods or theories used in psychic development. In future posts, I will try to be mindful of my wording as I don't mean to convey an attittude of absolutes or authority. I am a student of psychic development like everyone else and even if I woke up fully awakened to my abilities tomorrow, I STILL would be a student of psychic development and a person that is not infallible to error. I will urge all posters to also be mindful of this very easily made faux pas.


Introduction to Chakras
This post is geared to the beginner although of course, if you're an intermediate or advanced student, feel free to chime in.

I thought that one of the best places to start for a psychic development community is with the chakras. There are many energy centers in the human body (7 major and quite a few more smaller energy centers). These energy centers appear to those gifted with clairvoyance as spinning cones or wheels of light that match the spectrum of colors from the rainbow. They appear at stategic points on the body in a straight line from the base of the spine to the crown of the head. So why do I mention them in a psychic student community? Because its the opinion of many teacher's that balanced energy centers are essential for psychic development! Your life force, also called chi or prana travels through these energy centers and into your auric field. (Yes, the colors of your aura are absolutely affiliated with your chakras!!)

Each chakra has specific corresponding biological and emotional processes. Your life experiences, both past and present, continually affect your chakras in both positive and negative ways. A chakra may either appear bright, healthy, vibrant, and spinning at an ideal speed OR it may have deficiencies or abundances of energy which will absolutely affect your physical, emotional and spirtitual health. It is my opinion that it is highly beneficial to your psychic development to cleanse and energize all of your chakras regularly. If your chakras are "dirty" from unresolved emotional issues or toxic energy, the energy flow in your body will be hindered, thereby causing considerable energy blockages to your psychic awareness. We will discuss many ways of dealing with these blockages in future posts.

I fully recommend getting a basic introductory book about chakras. I happen to love this one here because it is very thorough in not only explaining the emotional connection to chakras but also the entire mind/body. spirit connection. It also provides many exercises that allow you to assess which chakras you really need to concentrate on and how to improve the balance of these chakras.

Don't have time to run out and get a book? There are many sites on the web that have pretty good descriptions about chakras. This site has a very brief synopsis but I supplied the link so that you can see what your chakras look like.
This does not make up for all the knowledge that a good book can provide but its a decent start for now.

In the coming days and weeks, I will be posting more about chakras and how you can work on yours for the purposes of improving your mind/body/spirit connection and fascilitating your psychic development!

Hello! Seeing as I am interested in all things occult, though I have zero experience with it, I thought I'd join this community.

Name: My name is Ana :)

Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced???: Definitely a beginner.

My prominent psychic gift is: I'm not sure I have one. I probably don't. My mom has one, and so I always grew up being interested in it, but I'm not sure I've ever had any sort of experience with it. In any case, I'd say 'curiosity' should be enough just for the study of the occult.

My psychic interests are: Too many. Well, I started with Tarot (I own the Aleister Crowley's Thoth Tarot deck), but once I'm finished with taking notes and ready to pass to the practical stage of it, I want to start studying Chaos Magick and, later, Goetia.

My divination tools include: Tarot.

My psychic goal is: To develop any possible existing potential in me.

My psychic experiences include: I don't think I've ever had any, like I said. About a year ago I felt a hand touch my shoulder during dinner, but I don't think that counts lol Also, a few years ago, when I was still a little child (probably 10 years old or something) I saw someone sitting at my desk, but maybe I dreamed it - my memory's not very good anymore.

What I'd like to get out of this community: I just want to learn, really. If I can actually do something with that knowledge, good. But if I can't, learning is enough.

A word about Channeling and Psychic Protection
Even though it may be jumping the gun to go right into mediumship, I always feel the need to address it because I wish I would've known some basics about 1) what mediumship is and 2) how to do it without putting yourself in harmful situations.

I'm sure you all already know but for clarification purposes, I'll always assume that somebody does not know what I'm talking about. A medium is a psychic that has the ability to communicate with the dead (or as I like to say, discarnate spirits). Mediums achieve spirit communication by channeling. This means that they have to raise their energy vibrations to a higher frequency because discarnate spirits are on a higher frequency than those of us that inhabit a physical body.

I personally, never even knew that I had the ability to channel (raise my energy frequency with ease). Therefore, when I was a child and decided that I wanted to play the Ouija board game, I never realized that anything could and would happen. This was a painful and frightening lesson for me as I immediately channeled a demonic entity (yes, they exist). For the next year my life I had to live with the consequences of these actions and needless to say, we almost did not survive it.

Now, I don't want to leave anyone feeling afraid of channeling. Channeling can be an enlightening and fun experience. Its really quite amazing. BUT, precautions do need to be taken. When you channel without specifying who you would like to contact, its very much like leaving your door open for ANYONE to enter (someone like the girl next door may wander in OR if you are unlucky, someone like a serial killer may wander in). You'd never leave the front door to your house wide open, never knowing who may come inside, so you should never leave yourself vulnerable psychically speaking as well.

Here are some tips for SAFE channeling that I've learned. If you have experience with channeling or you have any questions about it, feel free to chime in:

- MEDITATE before hand. This will not only help to raise your energy to enable channeling but it will also put you in the proper mind set for channeling.

-NEVER channel when you are in a depressed, angry or negative mood/confused mental state. Like attracts like. Even if you don't intend to, you will naturally attract negative energy if you are feeling negative.

-VISUALIZE a white light of divine protection going through you and around you. Know that it is powerful and is shielding you from harm.

-OWN the room. Set the intention that this is a positive, safe space for you to channel. When you energetically own the room, you are setting the intention that you are in control and it is your right to steer energy in a safe and positive manner.

-SET an ATMOSPHERE... it can be helpful to burn sage and light white candles. Sage is a plant known for raising energy frequency and emitting protective energies. Much like holy water, it has been used to bring in positive energies and usher out negative energies. When you burn sage, you are making the space purified and sacred.

-SET THE RULES- Tell the spirits what you'd like to accomplish. (Since, my grandmother was a trance medium aka the type of medium that would allow spirits to temporarily possess her body, I feel the need to say, "Hey, I don't play that shit" lol Okay, I don't say it like that but still, they know that I have boundaries about that.

-When you are done communicating, thank the spirit for their time and politely ask them to go back to where they came from. I do not like to leave any possibility that someone will be lingering around my house when I'm clearly done communicating.

And now, hopefully if you're a beginner, you've learned a bit about mediumship and psychic protection. Channeling is really fun and not as hard as you think. Like pretty much everything else in life though, you need to employ common sense. Anyone have anything to contribute?

Intro / Hello (Repost)
Yeah talk about first impressions I totally managed to post this in the wrong place... So yeah I am doing well so far for a newbie *facepalm* However moving on very quickly... I think the PTB (Powers that Be) have been working in inspirational ways again. I saw the community being advertised on another comm and didn't think twice about signing up. Anyway really sorry for the answers, I find these kinds of things tough to answer as I am a real mix. Anyway here they are... :-S

Name: digital_jay normally I drop the formality once I get to know folks better.

Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced???:

I usually say I am always learning, just depends on what. I guess I am a mix of all three most of the time. Sorry its not meant to be vague it's just I know within myself I am constantly in a state of flux.

My prominent psychic gift is: Actually it's a unique combo of all the psychic senses that seems to have occurred naturally through development and awareness groups. Plus having worked with it as a living as well has developed it also.

My psychic interests are: Wide and varied. Currently my interests are in the History of Divination. I have explored and researched Tarot, Runes, Ogham, Palmistry and going to looking at some other aspects like Tea Leaf reading, Crystal Balls (known also as Scrying) as well. I intend to look into Spiritual Healing and discussions on Reiki as well.

My divination tools include: Tarot, Palmistry, Runes, Ogham, Crystal Ball, Psychometry, Clairvoyance, Audience, Sentience, as well as Knowing also.

My psychic goal is: Continued progression, understanding and communication as well as to help others with greatest and highest for all.

My psychic experiences include: I think the annotated highlights are best, as I have a wealth of experiences behind me, as I said before I have been at this a while.

I have worked as a platform medium, dealt with crossings and rescues, also worked with others on a one to one and group situation. I am more than certain that at some point the other things will come back to me.

What I'd like to get out of this community:

Simple the meeting of like minds and sharing of experience in a safe and open setting.

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I'm the moderator of this community and I wanted to post a BIG hello and welcome. I created this site because I am a student of psychic development. I still consider myself a beginner and rather than asking the same people to practice with me, I thought that a community like this would be very helpful not only to me, but to anyone who is in the same boat. Please have a look at the rules and the guidelines involving practicing. Hopefully they'll get everyone on the same page and make this community the positive, encouraging experience that I'm sure we all hope for it to be. And with that said....

Name: Melissa
Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced???: Beginner
My prominent psychic gift is: (e.g clairvoyance, empathy, psychometry etc) Clairvoyance and Empathy
My psychic interests are: pretty much any you can think of especially mediumship
My divination tools include: Tarot mostly. I've used others but how I love the cards.
My psychic goal is: to bring the accuracy of my dream premonitions into my waking consciousness and hopefully to help people with it.
My psychic experiences include: Oh, too many to get into. I've had a haunting experience as a child. I also have had instances of clairvoyance. And as I've said, dream premonitions, for years,
What I'd like to get out of this community: I'd like to take my ability to the next level and hopefully meet others that want to do the same. The more psychics I meet, the better I feel because it can be a lonely thing when everyone just assumes you're crazy... ya know???

Anyway, as I said... hello and welcome. TTYS
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