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Psychic Students: Students of Psychic Development

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charlieofearth wrote in psychicstudents
I understand this group hasn't seen much activity lately but I am still interested in being a part of it. Thank you for having me. :)

Name: Charlie Edwards
Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced???: Beginner (Possibly Intermediate?)
My prominent psychic gift is: (e.g clairvoyance, empathy, psychometry etc) Clairvoyance, empathy, clairaudient
My psychic interests are: Channeling, aliens, Earth, spirit guides, transcendent knowledge of the divine and ones own self
My divination tools include: Myself and guides
My psychic goal is: To enlighten people that are interested in channeling or are too afraid to pursue it
My psychic experiences include: Channeling aliens, people that are no longer with us, spirit guides, devic realm and higher selves
What I'd like to get out of this community: Knowledge and friendship


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