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Empathy...emotional peaks and valleys
stardustnprison wrote in psychicstudents
Hi everyone. Long time no speak. I hope you are all doing well. I've been okay. A little bit stressed about recent premonitions. I guess I still have a lot to learn about managing emotions when it comes to this. I've been meditating a lot... I find that it helps to balance me emotionally but really I've been meditating out of necessity. Basically I feel like I'm opening up a bit more intuitively but somehow that makes me feel more vulnerable to all kinds of energy especially negative energy. So I meditate to strengthen my aura and protect myself.

I haven't been going to any psychic development classes recently because I'm still having money issues but luckily that situation will be a bit improved in the coming weeks so I look forward to delving back into learning.

I noticed a few people joined the community...WELCOME! I hope that we can be of support to one another. I tend to wonder if becoming psychic is like one big spiritual test for some people. It certainly feels that way for me. It's so hard. I guess because one of my more prominent abilities is clairsentience/ empathy, I always feel so emotionally drained or anxious or something. I try my best to be positive and to ground often but in times of change (which there has been a lot of in my life) and in times of new premonitions that don't seem to be all that positive, I can get really depressed despite my efforts to ground myself regularly. I'm sure that some of you can relate.

Anyway, I'm going to try to post here more often again. Hope that you will too.


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It sounds like shielding is definitely something you need to work on, and maybe creating triggers for your empathy as well.

I know what you mean by shielding but what do you mean by triggers?

Like, a simple action or a key phrase that tells your empathic abilities, "Ok, get to work." Like a way of conditioning your abilities to be dormant or at least less active until/unless that action is done or that phrase is said (by you, of course :-P). It's the same reasoning behind using candles and incense in ritual space; the low, flickering light and the scent of smoldering herbs and resins reminds your brain and your "higher self" that this is time for sacred activities, and cause your mood and mindset and even physical reactions to be in tune with those activities.

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Hmmm... thats probably going to take a considerable amount of practice but it's damn sure worth a try. Thanks =)

It does sound like a good idea (although lots of work!). I know people who train animals and when some animals have learned a dangerous behavior it is MUCH easier to train them to do it only on a cue than to train them to STOP doing it.

Ugh I feel for you. I'm not good with people but have very good animal empathy and body language reading.

I was touring places to leave my cat for boarding this week and I almost threw up. They wanted to keep him in the hospital area (he has a seizure history) and omg that poor, poor baby that was in there. She was in So Much Pain! She was bloody and shaking. Plus the room smelled like fear, adrenaline, and feces. Couldn't get out of there fast enough and I felt bit guilty running away and knowing there is nothing I can do for her. I know it wasn't just her surgery because I've met another young kitten shortly after a spay (at my vet) and she was very sweet, happy, curious, and slightly bored with her cage/cone LOL. NO WAY is my kitty staying there! Ended up having husband's co worker come to our home instead.

AwwW! I'm an animal person too. Volunteered for a shelter for 2 years. It was rough because soooo many of the animals were sick, dying, or completely healthy but scheduled to be euthanized (even kittens which is like the ultimate sin to me). I even fostered one and it died in my hands!!! As an empath, it was practically impossible to stay there except that I kept reminding myself that if nothing else, I was giving them some comfort and keeping some of them going. Now I volunteer for a hospital (for people). It's not as hard because I don't have as much patient contact and most of the patients that I deal with are still mostly healthy but I shield myself every day before work. I even still get overwhelmed but I think it helps a lot. Glad you didn't end up leaving your baby at the boarding shelter. When they're stressed out, they have a much greater chance of contacting an illness especially upper respiratory infections.

At least you were showing the unwanted and sick kitties some love and affection before the left this world.

When they're stressed out, they have a much greater chance of contracting an illness especially upper respiratory infections.

I know! And they wanted to keep him in the hospital/ICU are with the SICK cats! Argh. Lady met the cat tonight. She had trouble medicating him but he should be fine when mommy and daddy aren't around and he has to depend on her for food, treaties, and attention!

Just wanted to let you know how it worked out.

So The Fluff got left. Apparently the first night both of them were covered in medicine! LOL It took a number of treats and 5 days before he was happy to see her but it's good to know his love/trust can eventually be bought. He's a long hair (well, long-ish) and sheds when he's nervous. We were only gone for 7 days but it looked like a fur-bomb had gone off in our house when we got home. I think he lost several ounces in fluff alone! He was VERY happy to see us and there was much clinging and scolding at the top of his voice.

He discovered how to use his cat bed while we were gone. It's one of those circle shaped things with low sides and now he curls up in and passes out in the living room. We've had it since he was a tiny kitten and he's never used it until now. Silly McFluffernut. :)

Aww that makes me sad about his fur. Poor baby. At least he's happy now, thankfully. =)

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