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jenni_ro wrote in psychicstudents
Name: Jennifer Rose

Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced?: Beginner

My prominent psychic gift is: Psychic/Empath

My psychic interests are: Everything

My divination tools include: I've used angel cards but I'm still figuring it out

My psychic goal is: Learn how to truly use my gift and be able to use it to help myself and others on a daily basis

My psychic experiences include: I have a couple. A lot of times I will think of something happening and it will happen.. or think of someone saying something and then they will say it. I will think of someone (that I haven't seen in years) and then wind up seeing them shortly after. I will have a dream about something and it will happen. I work in a hair salon and often I will dream about a random client and the next day they will show up. I feel like my dreams tell me a lot. I am also realizing that I am very empathetic to other peoples feelings. Its like they don't have to say anything to me and I know exactly how they feel on the inside. Even a complete stranger. I can read people like a book. I know what they are truly about the first time that I meet them. My intuition is always right. Everything I say that person will turn out to be, good or bad, they do. I am so energy sensitive and I think that not only am I empathetic to people but spirits that are around people. It's like I am a sponge and they know it and sometimes I become very overwhelmed with emotions that aren't necessarily mine. I have seen spirits before.. not many. But I also think that I am a little frightened to truly really see them and my mind doesn't let me. I'm not sure. But I'm still learning....

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