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Welcome Post
solunartempest wrote in psychicstudents
Name: Tempest (no not my real name but it works)
Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced?: Beginner
My prominent psychic gift is: Unknown
My psychic interests are: Everything
My divination tools include: Tarot
My psychic goal is: Learn as much as i can. I'm a student at heart and fascinated by everything.
My psychic experiences include: Several - most predominately i had a run in with the guardian of a sacred site. And another... well i wouldn't call it haunted but i guess that would be the best description of a hand me down tarot deck that had a suicide note on the book that came with it.
What I'd like to get out of this community: Just to be surrounded with like minded people.

Short and sweet i know, i'm not big into huge introductions.

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Do you know how to cleanse hand me down tools/cards before using them? I only ask because I recently inherited two decks and they are in a box being deep cleansed at the moment. So was wondering if you knew what to do or had been shown a way of doing given the circumstances.

PS: Hello By the way - sorry my civil pleasantry skills sometimes get forgotten, really didn't mean to come off rude in the first comment **embarrassed face**

Well i should mention that this experience was over a decade ago when i was in the beginning stages of my journey and that the deck was actually a close friends and we shared this experience together - Plus, yes i was asked over because i knew how to cleanse and the issue was more with the book then the cards.

And no that's quit alright - no offense taken i can understand being blunt it happens to me often.

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