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Psychic Students: Students of Psychic Development

I understand this group hasn't seen much activity lately but I am still interested in being a part of it. Thank you for having me. :)

Name: Charlie Edwards
Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced???: Beginner (Possibly Intermediate?)
My prominent psychic gift is: (e.g clairvoyance, empathy, psychometry etc) Clairvoyance, empathy, clairaudient
My psychic interests are: Channeling, aliens, Earth, spirit guides, transcendent knowledge of the divine and ones own self
My divination tools include: Myself and guides
My psychic goal is: To enlighten people that are interested in channeling or are too afraid to pursue it
My psychic experiences include: Channeling aliens, people that are no longer with us, spirit guides, devic realm and higher selves
What I'd like to get out of this community: Knowledge and friendship

Exploring Tarot: 0 - The Fool
Hi everyone. I cleared this with our mod, so I'll be contributing here by posting about Tarot :) The first card is The Fool.

The Fool is the card of possibility, the beginning of a journey. It is sometimes associated with youth, naivete, and a lack of caution and planning. On the flip side, it can also represent having the courage to take a blind leap, putting trust in the universe/God(s) to provide.

Please feel free to ask questions and contribute your thoughts to these posts, or even share your favorite images of the cards from decks besides the standard Rider-Waite.

Hope you all will enjoy these posts :)


Grounding and Mediumship
I know I've raised this topic before but its still bothering me. Any mediums in the house??? LOL I've noticed that I've had to ground more lately than usual to shut myself off in terms of sensing spirits. I was wondering if it's sufficient enough to do a simple grounding exercise or if greater measures need to be taken when one is opening up more fully to mediumship? The last thing I want is to feel open 24/7 and fearful and hopeless about it. Also, how much time should one spend grounding? Should I be taking equal amounts of time to ground as I spend opening myself up? Or is a few minutes sufficient?

Also: And this is just a conversation starter. Why do you think that mediumship is considered to be more rare than being psychic? If a person is so open to psychic phenomena, then it seems to me that mediumship should not be very difficult for a psychic to access. Me, personally, I feel like I have a better 7th chakra than 3rd eye chakra. I've had consistent premonitions as I hear all mediums do, but as far as what's easiest for me, it seems that it's easier for me to channel than to get to a point where I'm receiving constant psychic info in waking life. I don't really understand this and I find this odd. Any theories? What's your experience with this?

Love is in the air
Don't have the time for a psychic related post just at this moment but wanted to pop in to wish everyone a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!!

Empathy...emotional peaks and valleys
Hi everyone. Long time no speak. I hope you are all doing well. I've been okay. A little bit stressed about recent premonitions. I guess I still have a lot to learn about managing emotions when it comes to this. I've been meditating a lot... I find that it helps to balance me emotionally but really I've been meditating out of necessity. Basically I feel like I'm opening up a bit more intuitively but somehow that makes me feel more vulnerable to all kinds of energy especially negative energy. So I meditate to strengthen my aura and protect myself.

I haven't been going to any psychic development classes recently because I'm still having money issues but luckily that situation will be a bit improved in the coming weeks so I look forward to delving back into learning.

I noticed a few people joined the community...WELCOME! I hope that we can be of support to one another. I tend to wonder if becoming psychic is like one big spiritual test for some people. It certainly feels that way for me. It's so hard. I guess because one of my more prominent abilities is clairsentience/ empathy, I always feel so emotionally drained or anxious or something. I try my best to be positive and to ground often but in times of change (which there has been a lot of in my life) and in times of new premonitions that don't seem to be all that positive, I can get really depressed despite my efforts to ground myself regularly. I'm sure that some of you can relate.

Anyway, I'm going to try to post here more often again. Hope that you will too.


New Tarot Deck in Development
<shameless self-promotion>

Hey everyone! I had this on my personal journal, and it just occured to me to post it here too!

Do you like Tarot, or want to learn more about it? Do you like learning about various forms of Witchcraft and Paganism, or even just beliefs that differ from your own?

Then I invite you to read along as I post to sorgae_tarot (from my secondary account, satyazomasorga)! My Coven is developing a practice of religious Witchcraft around revealed/Channeled information, and to go along with that, we're also creating a Tarot deck! In each post, I write about the classic Rider-Waite-Smith interpretation, and also ours, along with artwork, both familiar RWS and original pieces by my High Priestess/Coven!
Posts go up whenever I have the time and drive to do so, but at minimum there will be one post a week (but there could be more!).

So! You not only get a primer in our developing spiritual path, but some simple Tarot basics as well! And of course, questions and comments are welcome, on either subject!

So please, come along and join me on this project! I'm only four cards in so catching up is easy! Hope to see some of you there soon!

(Just a note, the comm is Closed, which means you can't join. However, you can Watch, and anyone can comment!)

</shameless self-promotion>

(no subject)
Name: Jennifer Rose

Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced?: Beginner

My prominent psychic gift is: Psychic/Empath

My psychic interests are: Everything

My divination tools include: I've used angel cards but I'm still figuring it out

My psychic goal is: Learn how to truly use my gift and be able to use it to help myself and others on a daily basis

My psychic experiences include: I have a couple. A lot of times I will think of something happening and it will happen.. or think of someone saying something and then they will say it. I will think of someone (that I haven't seen in years) and then wind up seeing them shortly after. I will have a dream about something and it will happen. I work in a hair salon and often I will dream about a random client and the next day they will show up. I feel like my dreams tell me a lot. I am also realizing that I am very empathetic to other peoples feelings. Its like they don't have to say anything to me and I know exactly how they feel on the inside. Even a complete stranger. I can read people like a book. I know what they are truly about the first time that I meet them. My intuition is always right. Everything I say that person will turn out to be, good or bad, they do. I am so energy sensitive and I think that not only am I empathetic to people but spirits that are around people. It's like I am a sponge and they know it and sometimes I become very overwhelmed with emotions that aren't necessarily mine. I have seen spirits before.. not many. But I also think that I am a little frightened to truly really see them and my mind doesn't let me. I'm not sure. But I'm still learning....

psychic empath...
Chakra Goddess

Hello, my name is Sonja and I am Clairvoyant, Clairscient, and Clairsentience.  I am also an empath and an empath healer.  I have always known that I was different from my sisters.  I developed my gift after my car accident in 1993.  I rolled my car three times and should not have walked away from it.  My entire car was crushed except for where I was sitting.  I know I have a higher purpose in life.  To use my gift to help others.  I do psychic meditation readings where I get information from my Spirit Guides and I also do Tarot card readings.   I enjoy being able to help people and answer their questions.  I am glad that I found this community and find like minded people to talk to.  My parents work in a Baptist church and I have not been able to share with them that I have this gift.  Unfortunately they would think that I communicate with the devil and not think of it as a gift.  The only person that knows of my gift is my husband and a few close friends.   The first time I saw a spirit (ghost) was when I was 5.  I was sick with a very high fever.  She was sitting on the edge of my bed whispering to me.  When I scream she disappeared.  I think back and know she meant me no harm.  She was taking care of me.  I am very interested in hearing how spirit has affected other people.  I look forward to meeting new people on here.

Welcome Post
Name: Tempest (no not my real name but it works)
Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced?: Beginner
My prominent psychic gift is: Unknown
My psychic interests are: Everything
My divination tools include: Tarot
My psychic goal is: Learn as much as i can. I'm a student at heart and fascinated by everything.
My psychic experiences include: Several - most predominately i had a run in with the guardian of a sacred site. And another... well i wouldn't call it haunted but i guess that would be the best description of a hand me down tarot deck that had a suicide note on the book that came with it.
What I'd like to get out of this community: Just to be surrounded with like minded people.

Short and sweet i know, i'm not big into huge introductions.

Hello, Everyone
Name: Katie
Beginner/ Intermediate/ Advanced???: Beginner
My prominent psychic gift is: I have no idea at all.
My psychic interests are: Dreams, tarot, runes, pyromancy, dowsing.
My divination tools include: Tarot cards, runes, meditation.
My psychic goal is: To try to answer some questions about the experiences I've had.
My psychic experiences include: I broke up with the love of my life and lost total communication for two years. We never contacted each other once, and I thought I would never see him again. (He was in another part of the world.) I had moved on and was dating another guy when out of the blue (it was mid-October) I told my best friend that my ex was going to contact me. Two months later in mid-December, he did. He told me he had been trying to contact me since October. He some difficulty because I had changed my number since dating him and my old email address had been purged. (This man is now my husband, by the way! ^_^) I had never had an experience like that before and it shook me, my husband, and my friend.
The only other odd phenomena I've experienced has been in my dreams. I've had a reoccurring dream about tornadoes since I was in elementary school. I have it at least once or twice every year at random times. I also shared a dream with my husband. We both dreamt that someone was standing in the door-frame to our bedroom. I dreamt it was an alien, he dreamt it was someone he worked with, but all the other elements of the dream were the same, including the time we dreamt it (we had both got a look at the clock).
What I'd like to get out of this community: Connecting with other people who are open-minded and interested in learning together.


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